Amichai Vardi

A business executive with extensive technical and leadership experience, Amichai Vardi serves as Engineering Director at Medtronic Diabetes in Northridge, California. Recognized for his ability to build strong teams, Amichai Vardi thrives in an environment in which he can take initiatives from initial concept to the marketplace. An adherent of the Lean Sigma methodology, Amichai Vardi’s skills and experience include organizational alignment, policy deployment, team development, encouragement of a culture of continuous improvement, and operations management. Amichai Vardi’s leadership skills first came to the fore in the Israeli Navy, where he served as a Gun Ship Commander from 1985 to 1991.

After his military service, Amichai Vardi participated in a special program designed to train military officers for positions of leadership in the business world. Soon after completing this program in 1995, Amichai Vardi joined the Israeli company Plasel. Over the next five years, he worked as a Senior Mold Designer, Production Manager, and Engineering Manager. His accomplishments included increasing productivity, reducing costs, and implementing an employee-training program.

A graduate of the Open University of Israel in Tel Aviv, where he earned a B.S. in Physics, Amichai Vardi took a break from the business world in 2000 to study Plastics Engineering at the University of Massachusetts. After earning his degree, Amichai Vardi joined Medtronic Diabetes, a leading producer of innovative care solutions for diabetes patients. Medtronic Diabetes is headquartered in Northridge, California.

Over the next decade, Amichai Vardi held a number of leadership positions with Medtronic. He currently serves as Engineering Director and Sensor Value Stream Leader, supervising more than 200 employees. In the first two years of this position, Amichai Vardi directed the expansion of production to an offshore site. He also helped to reduce costs by 50 percent.

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